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Ubuntu One Music Store

If you have not yet given the Ubuntu One Music Store a try, now is a great time! Its getting better than ever and gives us Ubuntu users a great alternative to everything else out there. The Ubuntu One Music Store syncs up your music for you in Rhythmbox and Banshee easily, allows for easy access online if you log into your Ubuntu One account and can even stream your music to a smartphone now.

One of my fave artists, Ziggy Marley just released his new album TODAY and there it is already in the Ubuntu One Music Store.

His brother Stephen Marley released his CD a month ago...

While not everyone is a reggae music fan like I am, it showcases some of the great artists available in the Ubuntu One Music Store. Ive downloaded great stuff from Brigitte Bardot, Kitty Davis, Louis Armstrong, America, The Eagles, Kermit Ruffins and more.

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