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I Heart Ubuntu Rebranded

Along with the all new website comes a new logo. It was a challenge designing this, but I am finally happy with it. I wanted something very simple. Something that can be seen from a distance and recognisable (so I can plaster them all over the city!).

Really though, I spent a lot of time trying to incorporate "i or eye", "heart" and "ubuntu" all into one logo. It was rather fruitless. I love the Ubuntu pictograms and wanted something along those lines. I held contests, I talked to other artists, I drew sketches, etc. Nothing. I gave up for a few months and came back to it recently. I came up with a newer heart shape which Im fond of, but still not the logo I was after. It sat some more.

Last night I was messing with it again. I wanted to see what the heart cut out of an orange circle would look like. Hmmm, not too bad, but didnt stand out. What if I rotate the cutout sideways? No, no. Definitely not. It looked like a pair of boobies or something. Or some avant-garde letter B.

Then it hit me. What if I have a thick orange circle with an orange heart inside. Wala! But it didnt stand out much. I turned the heart red. Awesome, but way too symmetrical. A nice bit of rotation and the logo is complete.

Along with the new logo on the website now we are incorporating it all over. One our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and on our Chrome Web App page too. I think it looks nice.

As Ubuntu grows and progresses so shall we. Heres to the Ubuntu OS and to the entire Ubuntu community!

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  1. I liked the old logo better.

  2. Thanks for the input! Apparently you are not the only one :) but.. i dont think the change is as big as Unity was.