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Ubuntu Appreciation Day! Elizabeth Krumbach!

My selection for the Ubuntu Appreciation Day is an easy one. Elizabeth Krumbach!

It has been a couple of years ago now since I virtually met Lyz in the Ubuntu California Team IRC channel. She was always willing to help and answer my simple (and often stupid) questions. As I became more involved with IRC and Ubuntu in general, I noticed her name stamped on pretty much EVERYTHING Ubuntu related! I thought, d@mn this girl rocks! From the IRC chat room, to the California team docs and website, Ubuntu Hours, the CA Team Council, Ubuntu Membership Board and beyond! I know there is a lot more Lyz does that I have not listed here.

I was finally able to meet Lyz at SCaLE9x in Los Angeles earlier this year and it is easy to sense her enthusiasm and dedication to the Ubuntu community.

Lyz DEFINITELY gets my appreciation! Thank you Lyz! You are an inspiration! I know I speak for all the California team, your kindness and work ethic are invaluable to Ubuntu in so many ways!

I raise a glass in your honor!

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  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for all the work you've put into Ubuntu California since joining, it's exciting to see the new Ubuntu Hour down there in Pasadena and I'm sure I don't thank you enough for your help running the California social networking resources :) Looking forward to a LoCo game night in the near future!