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Pondus - personal weight management

Pondus is a personal weight management program written in Python and Gtk+2. It aims to be simple to use, lightweight and fast. The data can be plotted to get a quick graphic overview of the history of your weight and  body fat. A simple weight planner allows to define "target weights" and this plan can be compared with the actual measurements in a plot.

Yes, if you are reading this review we both know that, just like me, you spend too much time in front of your computer. You don’t have much time to exercise regularly and all the fats you eat are getting accumulated somewhere, most probably around your belly. But this time you've said "enough!" and you started a struggle to improve your eating and exercise habits, willing to lose some pounds, getting fitter and healthier.  All you need then is Pondus, a personal weight management software written to keep track of your progress.

Have you just started to diet & exercise? Would you like to see data about your weight organized in easy-to-read forms and graphs? Install Pondus and in a few clicks you will be able to organize your goals and keep track of your progresses. Pondus, written in Python, is fully integrated in the GTK2 environment, making it extremely good to use in GNOME environments. It supports different languages and unit systems, so that you don’t have to worry about conversions from the metric system to the imperial one or vice versa.

I recently used pondus during my latest, failed attempt to lose weight. It has been a huge motivator in my daily struggle to lose weight and conduct a healthier life. Seeing your progress (or regress) on graphs is quite priceless and keeps you from stuffing your face during meals, knowing that the day after you will have to type in your weight and face the merciless truth of the graph!

You can easily install Pondus directly from the Ubuntu Software Center by searching “pondus” or from the terminal typing:

sudo apt-get install pondus

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