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Ubuntu Game - Vodovod

 Vodovod, get in touch with old-style gaming

Vodovod is a 2D puzzle game where you have to connect a series of pipe to connect two pools of water. Vodovod is a clone of its commercial counterpart Pipe Dream (known in Europe as Pipe Mania), a quite popular game during '80s, produced for the Amiga platform by LucasFilm Games.

Even though there are plenty of gaming platforms around, offering new approaches to video gaming interaction, 3d visuals and complex story lines, there is still a niche of gamers fond of those old titles falling into the category of abandongames. Vodovod is a title aiming at those players, a 2d puzzle game where the player has to build a series of pipes to connect two pools of water. A clone of the famous Pipe Dream, Vodovod takes the player into a journey to the heart of old video games, a gaming experience that while being surely sober when it comes to fancy effects, can still offer hours of fun to a particular sort of video gamers. In Vodovod the player gets a limited number of pipes for each stage and needs to combine them to lead the water from the house at the top of the screen to the storage tank at the bottom. The game actually offers many different and engaging levels, with obstacles and rocks that will make the pipe-building process harder and harder. 

Vodovod is surely not for everybody. People looking for the latest titles probably wont be interested in this game, which was clearly designed with no regard to the actual state of art of video games. I myself a lover of abandongames and I can play Vodovod for hours. If you belong to this very particular (and near to extinction) breed of players you should definitely give Vodovod a try.

(Vodovod comes under GPL license and hence it can be freely modified and redistributed. )

Vodovod is included in universal repositories so that it can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center or from the terminal, typing:

sudo apt-get install vodovod

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