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issue 56 of Full Circle Magazine is Here

Our fave Ubuntu magazine has arrived! Its FREE so if you are new to Full Circle Magazine you can visit their website and download the latest issue in the link below, as well as the other 55 back issues for your enjoyment.

Here is whats in this months issue...
  • Command and Conquer. 
  • How-To : Make 11.10 Look ‘Classic’, LibreOffice – Part 10, Backup Strategy – Part 4, Persistent USB Stick, and Connect To IRC. 
  • Linux Lab – Xbox Media Centre. 
  • Review – Puppy Linux. 
  • I Think – Would you attend a monthly FCM meeting on IRC?
  • Closing Windows – Moving, copying & deleting files plus: more Ubuntu Games, My Desktop (and an extra!), My Opinion, My Story, and much much more! 


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