Palapeli Puzzle Game

Palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle game designed for the KDE 4 desktop and also works great in GNOME. Unlike most other jigsaw puzzle games, you can move the pieces around freely, not being constrained to a grid of positions. Also, not only classic jigsaw pieces are available: Palapeli additionally comes with plain rectangular, hexagonal, and curved shapes; and the plugin architecture allows developers to add even more shapes.

Jigsaw puzzles have a very long history. Around 1769, John Spilsbury, a British mapmaker and engraver who served King George III, had the outstanding idea of teaching geography using a revolutionary game. Maps were printed on a wooden sheet, then cut in little and oddly-shaped pieces that had to be put together again by the student. In 250 years jigsaw puzzles has become really popular and finally entered the electronic games universe. Jigsaw, which had lost its educational purpose, is nowadays a very popular pursuit, can be enjoyed also on our favorite Operating System, simply installing it from the Software Center. Palapeli is designed to work with KDE4, is a revolutionary jigsaw puzzle game, which allows the player to move pieces freely and not according to a pre-ordered grid, opening a whole new universe of jigsawing experience, for young and adult players. Pieces come in different and original shapes: plain rectangular, hexagonal and curved. Palapeli supports plugins which lets the user to design new shapes and puzzles and share them online.

Palapeli is a must-have for fans of simple and entertaining plugin games.

Palapeli is included in Ubuntu official repositories and can be easily installed from Ubuntu Software Center or from terminal typing:

sudo apt-get install palapeli

Happy gaming!

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