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Sound Juicer CD Ripper

Sound Juicer is a clean, mean, and lean CD ripper for GNOME. It sports a clean interface and simple preferences, aiming to do The Right Thing and What You Mean all of the time. It requires GNOME and GStreamer.

Yes, we are in 2011 and there are still people buying CDs. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Ok, we are exaggerating, we know that CDs are still an extremely popular way to buy and share music and Sound Juicer comes to help those who need to rip and encode their CDs and keep them either in MP3 or OGG format, to be played on their computers with their favorite player. Sound Juicer offers a very easy to use interface to rip your CDs, name tracks and organize and tag them while the software is taking care of the encoding process. Sound Juicer brings the rip & burn facilities to Ubuntu. You can finally think of freeing your shelves from those dusty CDs, convert all your music collection to MP3 or OGG formats and finally take all those boxes to your basement or sell them and free up space.

From my personal experience I can say that Sound Juicer is by far the best software to get rid of CDs or sharing their contents online. I started using it from one of its early releases and since then I never stopped using it.

Sound Juicer comes under GPL license, which lets you modify and redistribute the code.

Sound Juicer is included in  the official repositories of Ubuntu and can be installed from Software Center or from the terminal, typing:

sudo apt-get install sound-juicer

Happy ripping!

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  1. sudo apt-get install sound-juicer

    With a dash.

  2. You may go for cd ripping software that comes with the best GUI as well as is easy to operate.One of the best feature of CD ripping software is that is can even convert CD audio in various formats.