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Palringo Rich Messaging Chat

In my search for other chat programs that work with Ubuntu I came across one called "Palringo". Palringo has no native linux app, but they lure the linux user in by having a linux install section. Once researching it tells the user to just download the Windows EXE and run Palringo in Wine. Not really something that makes me jump up and down.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Palringo works fine, but I dont see a major need for this app with so many other native chat programs already working fine in Ubuntu. The protocols it supports are: MSN, Google Talk, iChat, Yahoo, AIM, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, XMPP and Facebook. This is the first chat program Ive seen that supports iChat and works on Ubuntu. (doesnt iChat use XMPP though? I dont have any iChat friends to test!)

To install (according to their linux install section) you will need to "Download Palringo for Windows and run it under Wine." NOPE. There is no native linux


Now... lets delete it :)

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