Upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10

Ready to try out the new Ubuntu 12.10? It is so easy you'll feel the excitement of the upgrade and love doing it. It takes a while to download the packages so make sure you set aside some hours to download and then to install everything. Ubuntu 12.10 is still in beta right now, I feel its stability already from my testing. With the upgrade you will see some of the new enhancements like the Amazon shopping lens, revamped message center, ability for remote login, revamped update manager, tons of package updates, plus many more web apps.

Before upgrading to a beta version, answering these simple questions might help guide you if you are ready for the install.

  • will it it be for a production system (bad idea to use a Beta)
  • will it be for your home system (remember to backup everything you charish)
  • will it be for testing it (by all means do it)

To get started with the upgrade, press ALT–F2 on your keyboard to open the command prompt. When it opens, run the command below and press Enter to open upgrade manager.

update-manager -d

The software updater should alert you to the new 12.10 ugrade, so go ahead and do it. If you dont get the note appearing for the upgrade you need to go into your software sources and check for "notify for any new version" and then do the process over again starting with ALT-F2.

If you are running 12.04 and everything is humming along (everything works) you should be fine with the upgrade. If you are unsure, then your best bet is to download an image of the beta release, burn it to DVD or create a bootable USB and test it out on your computer first as a LIVE disc. If all runs fine then your upgrade should go fine as well.


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  1. mekolat9:00 AM

    If, when you try to upgrade, you get an error asking to make a "partial upgrade",
    you should fix dependency problems first:
    1) disable any ppa
    2) install aptitude : sudo apt-get install aptitude
    3) sudo aptitude dist-upgrade (i highly suggest to use aptitude instead of apt-get for dist-upgrade because aptitude will try to resolve conflicts instead of just deleting everything..)
    4) update-manager -d